Do you suffer from Zoom Anxiety?

Why does logging onto Zoom feel so overwhelming/stressful? Is it ok that sometimes I just don’t want to fully show up to virtual meetings and gatherings? 

Our new normal has forced this new way of communicating on us all. Many innovative apps and programs have come to the forefront as we have to keep our distance from each other until who knows when! Zoom, a virtual video conferencing application, has become the new platform that individuals use to communicate at work, within business and even with family. But, who knew staring at your own face through a small laptop monitor could be so… triggering? 

Zoom anxiety is a real thing. The thought of remembering to mute your mic, or keep the dog quiet is not talked about enough. Imagine being a full time mother, monitoring your child’s virtual school while trying to keep a smile on for your 3:00 weekly meeting with your boss. This anxiety-inducing feeling is altering our communication as human beings and this interaction is just as, if not MORE important than the ones in-person. 

Let’s not forget technical difficulties or simply navigating these new applications for the first time. This is a common issue among many as we never received a tutorial or allotted time to learn how to use these platforms properly. Forget to move your hoodie or socks from your doorway or in the background? Another common trigger to Zoom anxiety. Wasn’t life much easier when your safe space and work space were separate? 

If you have experienced something like this, the good thing to know is that you are not the only one it is happening to. People across the world have to adapt to a new way of life until this pandemic is back under control. 

Now, we won’t leave you hanging. There is a solution to every problem. Being prepared is the first step to dominating this anxious feeling. Check your internet connection and test your microphone before meetings and events. Cut your camera on before joining meetings to ensure your background is clear and professional looking. Also, ask if it’s necessary for your camera to be on. Some jobs may require this but if you’re feeling uneasy or want to avoid everyone seeing you struggle, you may get a pass. 

A quick reminder that trouble don’t last always. Before you know it, Zoom will be an option and we’ll be back meeting and congregating in person before we know it. Encourage your fellow brother and sister, we can beat this anxiety TOGETHER!

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  1. Great read, it’s amazing how things have changed so much. You stated some really good tips, with me going back to work soon with a newborn the anxiety is real.

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