Does Skin Care Only Mean “Face Care”?

Almost everyone has a skin care routine. Whether it’s just soap and water, a nice refreshing cleanser combined with your favorite moisturizer or the latest skin care tools, skin care can mean a million different things. It has become really popular and a bit intimidating for beginners looking to keep up with the trends. 

The truth is, skin care is anything you make it. Each routine is unique to the individual person and it doesn’t take an expert to teach how to take great care of your skin. However, skin care has been widely known for just your face. Isn’t that the first thing you think of when someone asks “what is your skincare routine?”.

We sat down with bath and body care expert, Shannon Lide, who owns Soulvenir Women’s and Men’s Bath and Body, to chat about what a real skin care routine looks like. Shannon emphasizes the importance of incorporating body care into your skin care routine. Those who struggle with self care also find Shannon’s products to be helpful, thus resulting in her reaching $100K revenue within the first year of opening her business. 

Self care and skin care go hand and hand. It’s so important to create time for yourself and investing in products that benefit your overall well-being helps with your mental health.

What does an ideal self-care routine look like for you?

First, I think about my mood. How am I feeling? Then, I light my favorite candle and pour a tall glass of wine. I then start playing my Soul Care playlist and choose my favorite product from my body care line. If I am feeling anxious, I use my calming wash Hold Me Close and follow up with a body souffle. I like to journal sometimes and write about my mood if it’s necessary. Setting the ambiance is very important whether it’s a shower/bath routine. After, I grab a robe and recite affirmations in the mirror! I’ll end the night with my favorite snack and Netflix series. 

We love to see you offer products for men too! Would you say a self care routine should be men inclusive as well?

Absolutely. A man who self cares is a man who loves himself. I say this often! Taking some time to himself to moisturize his beard or rub his body down with oil can make a difference in his demeanor! 

You have an amazing story! What influenced the start of your business? 

After graduating from THEE Winston Salem State University with a bachelor’s in Social Work and receiving my Masters in Social Work from Norfolk State , I pursued my career and actually worked 2 ½ years in the field! I developed a love for creating products that helped maintain mental health and eventually started doing business full time. Through life’s highs and lows, each product is catered for a specific mood and specific time period. I started offering holiday boxes and eventually expanded to both men and women products. 

So there it is. A skincare routine should include your entire body and well-being. Yes, your face is probably the most important area and easiest to focus on but take a moment to invest in your body care and see how the overall outcome contributes to your health and wellness. 

For details on Soulvenir products, click here and check out her items! 

You can also access her playlist for your very own self care time on Apple and Spotify.

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