Prevailing Through a Pandemic Virtual Seminar Series


As we approach our 3rd anniversary in April, we wanted to host a special event recognizing our community partners and customers who have supported The Prevailing Woman. Due to the growing concerns of the Coronavirus many of you have been forced to work from home or events have been canceled. So, we have reached out to a few of our favorite Prevailing Women, to produce 14 virtual seminars!

Meet The Speakers:

Virtual Webinar Schedule:

Registration is absolutely free, so please adjust your schedules accordingly to attend all 14 seminars, or select each seminar that interests you!

3/16 at 12 PM EST: Navigating an event during the Coronavirus Pandemic with Courtney Ajinca, Celebrity Event Planner at Courtney Ajinca Events

3/18 at 1 PM EST: Managing Microaggressions in the Workplace with Ashley McGowan, Global Business Equality Lead with the Tech Industry & Coalesce Chicago Founder

3/19 at 7 PM EST: Securing Brand Deals and Sponsorships with Enovia Bedford, VettDeck & Black Tech Interactive Founder

3/23 at 7 PM EST: Access to Capital and Funding with Amber Bonds, Small Business Financial Consultant

3/25 at 1 PM EST: How to Work Your Side Hustle While Maintaining Your Main Hustle with Ebony Dilworth, Account Executive at Microsoft & Millennial Mamma Blog

3/27 at 1 PM EST: How to Leverage Crossover Skills When Changing Careers with Angelina Darrisaw, C-Suite Coach Founder/Owner

3/30 at 7 PM EST: The Benefits of Obtaining Press as a Career Professional with Paris Guy, Adison Ark Founder

3/31 at 1 PM EST: Causes and Cures to Combat the Waking “What ifs” with Dynesha Henderson, LCSW Couples and Family Therapist

4/1 at 1 PM EST: How to Prepare for your First Pitch Contest with Shelly Bell, Black Girl Ventures Founder

4/2 at 7 PM EST: Climbing the Corporate Ladder as a Woman of Color with Sydney Brunson, Global Engagement, Multicultural Communities and Outreach Leader at Microsoft

4/6 at 7 PM EST: How to Prepare for Travel Post Pandemic with Nik Morales, Entertainment Touring and Travel Expert/Founder of The Travel Agency LLC

4/7 at 1 PM EST: Reclaiming Your Time During a Pandemic with Keeyah Johnson, Event Production, Day-to-Day Artist Management, and Public Relations

4/8 at 1 PM EST: Financial Services for Early Stage Founders with Jillian Williams, Investment Principal at Anthemis

4/9 at 7 PM EST: Sponsorship Deck vs Media Kit with Lily Doxy, Sponsorship Concierge Founder



Q: Will the seminars be available for playback?

A: Yes,  please click HERE

Q: I’m having trouble registering or logging in who should I contact?

A: Email our team at [email protected]

Q: Will you offer the seminars again?

A: It’s possible! Express your interest in the comments

Q: Will we have the opportunity to ask questions during the seminar?

A: Yes, type your questions in the chat box on the zoom video.

Sabrina Seymore

Sabrina Seymore is the Founding Editor-In-Chief of The Prevailing Woman. She is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and travel specialist. Her roots as a businesswoman were planted in 2011, when she founded Sabrina Seymore Events (SSE). The company provides full-service wedding and special event planning, from preparation and execution, along with design services. Her clientele ranges from individuals to nonprofit organizations and corporations to national brands, including celebrities. Over the years, Seymore has served as a keynote speaker, session leader, or panelist for various conferences and workshops. Topics include: fundamentals and best practices of business ownership; planning destination travel; self-help; and women-centered discussions (women in business, working moms, women of faith). As a travel specialist, Sabrina oversees all aspects of a client’s travel experience- whether for a celebratory occasion, group gathering, or wedding. Her expertise is derived from destination wedding and event planning, multiple personal and professional travels, as well as being member of the International Association of Travelers Network.


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