Meditation 101: 5 Steps for Getting Started

Life is up, life is down, life can be in the middle. Wherever life is for you at the moment, practicing meditation can help you. I have been practicing meditation for 14 years and it has really helped me. I rarely have anxiety, I handle stress well and I am tuned into my inner voice (intuition).

As a guided meditation teacher, I’ve heard people say so many times “I can’t still my thoughts.” Well, I am here to tell you that meditation like anything else takes practice and dedication to get the ball rolling. It’s worth a try just because being equipped with inner tranquility, especially in the midst of chaos, is worth more than gold.


Here are a few tips you can try to get started.

#1 Put on comfortable clothes and drink a glass of water.


#2 Find a quiet place (or as quiet as you can get it) and sit upright against a wall or on a couch. Make sure you have cushioning under you for comfort.


#3 Take deep breaths. There is no perfect amount. You need to take as many of them as needed to take the edge off from the day.


#4 Start with your feet and imagine they have fallen asleep and are heavy, almost like they are sinking into the floor they are so heavy. Then do the same thing slowly with your ankles, calves and keep moving up until you get to your head and even your hair.


#5 Just sit there. Do nothing and if thoughts pop in just consciously silence them and say “nope, no thanks,” each time.


Try this three times a week and with that consistency you will see results sooner than you think.

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