The Breakup Survival Kit: 6 Ways to Recharge After A Bad Split

According to the US Census Bureau, in America there is one divorce every 36 seconds. Whether you are married or just dating, breaking up is never easy.  Breakup pain can range from mild sad thoughts to severe depression. I’ve had a number of clients come to me over the years for spiritual healing after a bad breakup. These are just a few tips I have suggested for people to start the healing process. The whole point of these steps is to get different neurons firing in the brain so that you can rewire yourself for greatness and learn how to recharge your own battery.

Step #1-The Raw Phase

Allow yourself time to be raw and sad and crying. It is a natural and necessary part of the love grieving process. I would only recommend 2 to 4 weeks of this part because you don’t want to get stuck here.


Step #2-Green Clay Bath

Now it’s time to bring out the big dogs. A cleansing bath is the perfect way to help get rid of psychological residue left over from a bad breakup and help initiate a mental reset. Buy Bentonite Green Clay (the powdered form) from your local health food store. Then come home, light a candle, run your bath, and add one cup of the clay. Relax, take deep breaths and sit for about 10 to 15 minutes. Towards the end say “I release my emotional attachment from (insert first name and last name) from my mind, body, and spirit. And imagine the water taking away the emotional attachment as it goes down the drain.


Step #3-Processing

Get a notebook and write “Release Notebook” on the front. This is your space to let it all out. Curse, cry, vent but write daily specifically about how you are feeling and your opinion on how and why you think things went downhill.


Step #4-Get Comforted

Think of someone in your life like a mom, best friend, cousin or anyone who you feel completely comfortable with. Go over to their house and let them hug you and love on you with positive words and make you a cup of warm tea. The point is, as much as adults may not want to admit this, we also just need to be held and comforted every once and a while.


Step #5-Self Love Manifestation Journal

Get a notebook (don’t use your phone) and on the first page write ten things you love about yourself and why you deserve to live your best life. Don’t forget to date each page too. Use your instinct to decide how the journal should unfold. You can insert pics from magazines of goals you have and things you want. Make sure it is decorative and looks beautiful so that every time you see it, you are reminded of how phenomenal you are and where you are going.


Step #6-Have Some Fun

Now it is time to force yourself to go out and have some fun. Go dancing, take a pottery class, or just do something different that you have never done. Get yourself out

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