3 Apps for The Busy Career Girl

Life can be hectic at times, especially for a busy career woman. Whether you own your own business or just have a very demanding job, staying organized is key to avoiding chaos. If you haven’t found your organized rhythm yet, one of these apps just may be right for you.


#1 Rescue Time (Free)

This is the perfect app for accountability because it records everything you do on your PC. The point is that it provides you with a comprehensive look at how you spend your time so that you can do more meaningful work. It can even tell you your most productive days and has a feature that can block you from certain social media platforms as a means to help you stay on track with your goals.


#2 To Do Reminder with Alarm (Free)

If you are looking for a free simple way to stay on task, then this may be perfect for you. This is easy to use and great for setting reminders quick and on the go. You can set as many daily reminders as you need, save them with the back up and restore feature, and take advantage of the hand free moments with the speech-to-text feature.


#3 Things ($10-$50)

This app is almost like having a virtual assistant (you might as well, give her a name). Things is a task management app. The first version won an Apple Design Award and since its launch, has sold over 3 million copies. The design is simple and clean, and the main screen looks similar to an inbox where you have folders titled “Today,” “Upcoming,” “Anytime,” “Someday,” and “Logbook.” You can integrate your calendar, so your appointments show up alongside your tasks, add in Siri for voice commands, and house all of your completed tasks in your logbook which can help you see how well or not so well you are doing with completing your tasks.

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