Beatless Meetup Virtual Experience

Due to the ongoing uncertainty of COVID-19 we had to postpone our final tour stops in Atlanta, Chicago, NY, and Los Angeles. However, we created the perfect virtual experience right in the comfort of your living room!

Beatless Meetups is an event designed to allow women to destress and spend uninterrupted time with like-minded women.

Pajamas, fresh/natural faces, cocktails, facials, photo booth, music and a panel discussion will still take place!


Sabrina Seymore

Sabrina Seymore is the Founding Editor-In-Chief of The Prevailing Woman. She is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and travel specialist. Her roots as a businesswoman were planted in 2011, when she founded Sabrina Seymore Events (SSE). The company provides full-service wedding and special event planning, from preparation and execution, along with design services. Her clientele ranges from individuals to nonprofit organizations and corporations to national brands, including celebrities. Over the years, Seymore has served as a keynote speaker, session leader, or panelist for various conferences and workshops. Topics include: fundamentals and best practices of business ownership; planning destination travel; self-help; and women-centered discussions (women in business, working moms, women of faith). As a travel specialist, Sabrina oversees all aspects of a client’s travel experience- whether for a celebratory occasion, group gathering, or wedding. Her expertise is derived from destination wedding and event planning, multiple personal and professional travels, as well as being member of the International Association of Travelers Network.

  1. Checking to see if this is an expired event. Date posted is 1/5/2018. Wasn’t sure if I missed this or this is a new post.

  2. I would like to donate a book as a giveaway for your events. Please email us and let us know where we should send them.

    Thank you

  3. Hello… how are you? I hope this message finds you well, name is Tasheeia Green and I’m a Paprazzi Jewelry & Accessories independent consultant. #127360. I wanted to inquire as to whether you are accepting vendors at this event?

  4. I heard on Spectum news today at 12:30 0n Mon. 12/30 the opened up a few more tickets–how can I get a hold of one–Raleigh

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