Tuning into The Prosperity Frequency

Everything is made of energy at the smallest level and we are amazing electromagnetic beings. We are similar to magnets, attracting things that are in our frequency or repelling things that aren’t. People who live in the lack frequency are usually always lacking things and will say “I don’t have” or “I can’t afford” or “That will never happen for me.” They are radiating lack and therefor attracting it at every turn. The same goes for people with a more optimistic outlook. They tend to be the people with lots of opportunities and abundance and usually say things like “anything is possible” or “I will find a way to pay for that” or “Things are working in my favor.” When it comes to financial abundance and overall prosperity, I believe that you need to turn your dial to that frequency so you can radiate it to attract what you want.


Here are a few things that have worked for me…



Every morning try to listen to positive affirmations about abundance. It also helps to say them out loud. This can help you feel happy, motivated, and can set the tone for your whole day. And if negativity and self-doubt start to creep in, gently say “no thank you,” and keep it moving.


You can buy a little tree or a flower pot. On a piece of cardboard write something like “With love and gratitude, my ideas to make extra money are growing, my bank account is growing, and I am in complete balanced abundance.” Then, stick it in the soil or tape it to the side of the tree. It’s a great visual reminder for your growth and the positive direction you are heading. Plus, an added benefit is that trees and plants in your house help to increase oxygen levels and your body will appreciate that.


Negative people carry heavy toxic and low vibrational energy and just having their presence around you could make you feel stifled. In order to flow the way you need to, keep those folks at a distance if possible or interact with them in doses.



When you read about successful people, it can help you shift your perspective so that you are reminded you can do it too.



Feeling loved, important, safe, and secure is a very important part in changing your frequency so that you can radiate those feelings. Once a week or daily write down something you like about yourself or something you are working on healing. And remember to treat yourself with love and kindness often.

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