Natural Remedies for Tackling Dark Circles

It’s the morning before your big day (you’ve been planning your wedding for a year now) and there will be a huge soiree. Feeling giddy and more excited than ever, you get ready for your morning run and glance at yourself in the mirror as you brush your teeth only to see a raccoon staring back at you. The dark circles from weeks of stress and no sleep have finally caught up with you. So, what do you do? Whether it’s your wedding day, a business launch, a first date, or any other important occasion, dark circles are a girls worst enemy. They can make you appear older than you are and make you look very tired.

The key to combatting them is getting to the root of the problem first. They can be caused from a variety of things…

Straining Your Eyes
If you are staring at a computer for 8 hours a day at work and then watch TV when you get home and look on your phone a lot, you could be straining your eyes and darkening the skin around your eyes.
Lack of Sleep
Your body has a clock called the circadian rhythm and not getting enough rest can throw that clock off balance. And this can make the skin under your eyes become puffy and more pale which makes the blood vessels behind more apparent.
Allergies are the body’s response to bad bacteria. Puffy eyes, itching, and dark circles can be a result so pay close attention to what foods or other substances may trigger this in you. And, try to avoid rubbing if you have itchy eyes because it makes dark circles worse.
Genetics & Age
Family background and our natural aging process (because we lose elasticity in that area as we get older) could also be the cause if none of the other reasons are at play.

Home Remedies…

·      Elevate your head when you sleep to stop fluid from pooling in the eye area

·      Apply a cold compress or cucumbers daily for 5 minutes to help relax the eye lids and reduce inflammation

·      Take two herbal caffeinated tea bags and let them sit in the fridge for 20 minutes. When they are done lay down and apply to your eyes for about ten minutes. The natural ingredients in the tea bags and the tannins (a mild diuretic in caffeine) can get your blood flowing and reduce the size of your blood vessels.

·      Eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables and cut down on excess junk (if you eat it). The Vitamin K and Chlorophyll in parsley is great for reducing puffiness and age spots.

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