Daily Devotionals for The Prevailing Woman

From the moment your eyes open to the last minute of the day, your life is filled with nonstop action. If you aren’t careful you can become so overwhelmed in meeting the demands of life that you forget to spend time with your Creator and Sustainer.

Our daily devotionals written specifically for women in all walks and stages of life, will change the outlook of your day and give you the inspiration you need. Spending any amount of quiet time in the Word of God will refresh and encourage. Find a daily devotion here, written by other fellow Prevailing Women and see how God can work through you to make today a joyful day!

Day 1


“A Divine Exercise”

Years ago, my company hosted a change management course to prepare us for some departmental changes. In one exercise, they had us pair up. Our instructions were to observe our partners and then turn back to back. We were then asked to change one thing about our appearance and turn back around to see if we could guess what changed. The room was full of excitement and laughter as we quickly guessed the changes of our partners.


We repeated this about five or six times. Somewhere around the 10th round, the excitement and laughter shifted to frustration when we realized that we were still asked to make changes when it seemed like there were no other changes possible. You know what I found out?  Despite the initial skepticism, we somehow found a way to change something about ourselves.


This observation can also be found in our journey toward a closer relationship with God. Changing our intentions toward God is not a one time thing, but rather a series of decisions that lead to small changes in our heart and mind that we commit to moment by moment, day by day. Those small changes pave the way for a lifestyle of intimacy and communion with the Father.


 I wonder if that’s why we often struggle to get this right. We try to do too much too soon instead of allowing God’s Holy Spirit to tell us what changes to make and when to make them. Then, we are left feeling frustrated and believing that it’s just impossible to do.
If your relationship with God is not as strong as you’d like it to be or maybe it has never really been explored at all, be encouraged in knowing that not only is it possible, but our God is the God of the details! Our God sees every adjustment we make to get closer to Him. He sees every hard thing we relinquish in order to make space in our hearts and minds for Him. Even when we think we’ve been stretched beyond our capacity. Even if it seems like those small changes we need to make require more effort than we “think” we have the ability to put forth, keep going.  Don’t give up on the assignment in this “divine exercise”. Why? Because His Word declares in Hebrews 11:6 that He rewards the diligent seeker. Praise God!


I am convinced that getting that ultimate relationship with our Creator right first, will better equip us to be better friends, better mothers, better daughters, better leaders, better visionaries, better trailblazers, better disciples of Christ and quite frankly better people.
Written by Minister Tina France


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Day 2


“This Is Your Time To Grow”

1 Corinthians 3:7 “It’s not important who does the planting, or who does the watering.  What’s important is that God makes the seed grow. “  NLT

If you have an opportunity, I encourage you to make time to listen to a message from Bishop T.D. Jakes entitled “Water the Seed”.


This sermon compares the process of planting a seed in the ground versus the act of burying something in the ground.  He explains that both processes appear to be the same; the same method is used to accomplish both.  In both instances you place something in the earth and cover it with soil. However one is placed in the ground that it might be concealed or discarded or hidden from sight and the other is placed in the ground that it might grow and ultimately yield increase beyond its current state.


This message brought to my remembrance, a past experience that I often refer to as my dark period. This was a time in my life when I couldn’t see anything around me, for everything appeared to have been dimmed.  I couldn’t explain to anyone what I was feeling, yet, every day I cried.  Those close to me were extremely concerned and there was nothing they could do to make things better.  Of course, several months after the Lord lifted me out of this place; I received revelation for why I had to go through that period.  When I heard this message from Bishop Jakes, I realized that this place was not unique to me.  At the end of my divine designated dark phase, I realized that I was not buried and forgotten, but rather, I was intentionally planted in that place that I might experience growth for the next level.

I was not put away because I was no longer useful. Instead, I was carefully placed in holding in preparation to be used – at just the right time.


So, it was underneath the soil, beneath the surface – where I experienced my greatest growth.


The word of inspiration for somebody today is that – Your underground experience might just be your potting soil!


If everything around you feels dark, consider the possibility that it’s time for you to grow beyond where you are.


You’ve been planted, not buried… and you shall rise from this – better than when you went in!

Written by Dr. and Rev. Trish Harleston


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Day 3

“Just Keep Running”

This morning, somewhere around the 2.4 mile mark on my slow jog; I felt that I really had done about all I could do this time.  I made the decision that this was all I could handle today. Then suddenly, I remembered a conversation with my sister where she stated that she has now began to do 3 miles, 3 days a week… and she’s 10 years older than me.  So, with that image in mind, I just kept going running.

This week, I’d like to encourage someone else to just keep running. My inspiration for not giving up this morning was that someone else had already made it through what I was going through and if they did it, then so could I.

Whatever it is that seems too hard, too much, or too heavy today, remember that someone else, somewhere else, has already made it through this race – and so will you – if you will just keep running!

“And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us.”Hebrews 12:2b NLT

This race that has been set before you will show you how much you’re capable of pushing through.

Someone has already paved the way and has cleared the path.  All that is required now is to simply keep running along the route that has been set. This text in Hebrews reminds us not to get tripped up by things that are set along the path to distract us from completing the race. The only thing that can truly stop us from finishing is if we stop running.

Someone before us has already finished this race. Someone before us has already completed this task.  Someone before us has already survived this trial.

Just keep running!

Now today sets the course that will become the inspiration for someone else who is yet to experience this journey. Who will we become for those who follow – Will we be the one who finished the race or the one who got too tired, too discouraged, too frustrated or just too tired to keep running?

God will complete what He has begun in us.

Will we complete what we’ve started as well?

Yes! Because today, we made the decision to endure – we’ve decided to just keep running!

Written by Dr. and Rev. Trish Harleston


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Day 4

“The Betrayal Has Purpose”

Life can take us through changes. A change is an experience that will alter or shift your life into a place that will pull you out of the norm and challenge you to walk into your ordained destiny.

Life happens; from infidelity, to divorce, to not receiving the job promotion, and friends walking out of your life, the list goes on and on.

Betrayal in the Greek means paradidomi- “to hand over, to give or deliver over.” Betrayal is anything that has caused you pain. That secret that you told in confidence but now everyone knows is a form of betrayal. Betrayal is meant to set you back instead of allowing you to move forward.

Betrayal will make you want to give up on God. It is meant to take you out. We see in Matthew 26:14-16; Judas betrays Jesus, this however was used for divine purpose. Your betrayal will produce purpose. The enemy wants to use betrayal as way for you to turn your back on God. However, betrayal should draw you closer to God.

Women must release the pain in order for it not to control your life. You do not have to keep living as if everyone you meet will betray you. Do not let the pain stop the blessings from flowing. Bitter and sweet cannot flow out of the same fountain and betrayal will challenge the direction you are going in life.

You can choose to live in the betrayal or you can tell yourself and the betrayal about what the words states in Romans 8:28 “And we know all things work together for the good of them who are the called according to HIS purpose.”

Make the choice today to walk toward destiny and decide to live on purpose.


Written by: Elder Colene S. Kelly, Pastor

The LIFE Church of Chadbourn

205 N. Brown Street (Location)

P.O. Box 21 (Mailing)

Chadbourn, NC 28431

Day 5


“How To Deal With Workplace Microaggression”

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.” (Colossians 3:23-24 NIV)

You are sitting at your desk thinking to yourself, is it Friday yet, right? I know the feeling all too well. There is nothing wrong with looking forward to the weekend, however that isn’t the root of our emotion. Let’s be honest, some of us dread our jobs. We have a boss or co-workers who don’t value us. We feel unfilled at work. So, what do we do? We go day-to-day walking through the motions. We show up and go home. But what happened to living a life of abundance promised to us in John 10:10?

I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve had jobs and moments where I felt unfilled at work. I remember working a job at the YWCA several years ago. I was out of work for about 3 months after graduating with my master’s degree and had to move in with my father. I had applied for more than 200 jobs and the only one that I received was this job, part-time, with an hour commute to and from work. I was so thankful for the job initially. I showed up early and stayed late when needed. I liked the work I was doing but I quickly became frustrated. I felt as if my boss didn’t value my previous work experiences and always found something wrong with me. She questioned my work ethic, integrity, and I was very unhappy. I had the highest degree and the most experience, yet I was the last one asked for suggestions on how to improve our program.

Every day, I wanted to quit. It was so challenging because the individuals we worked with really needed us. I prayed and asked God why would He open this door only for me to be miserable. I started looking for jobs and nothing opened. So, I prayed again. This time, I asked God to change my attitude. I asked God how I could serve Him at this job. I began to pray for my boss and her heart. I prayed for my heart to be open to the possibility that maybe she needed me to reflect God’s love. The more I prayed, the better I felt. And you know what happened? Our relationship stayed the same. She was still bitter towards me, but it no longer bothered me.

I stayed in that situation for five months, holding on to this verse in Colossians 3. I decided to work with my whole heart for the Lord; not my boss nor my coworkers. In those tough moments, I had to remind myself that I wanted my attitude and character to reflect the Lord. I knew that He called me to show others His love. 2 Corinthians 5:20 tells us, “We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us. We implore you on Christ’s behalf: Be reconciled to God.”

If you are at work today, frustrated with your current situation, be encouraged. God sees you. Use this opportunity to work for Him and do so wholeheartedly. I truly believe every person and every situation we encounter is an opportunity. An opportunity to either show or receive God’s love. When we change our view of our situation to focus on God, we have a heart transformation. We become more intimate with Him. We begin to see the grand picture a little more clearly.

Let’s pray: Dear Lord, today I come to you to say thank you. I am so grateful that you provided me with a job when there are so many without one. Thank you for the daily opportunity to reflect you to everyone that I encounter. I pray that you use me today to show your love at my workplace. Help me to work wholeheartedly for you. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Written by: Ashley Townes, MPH, CHES
PhD Student | Indiana University


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Day 6


I can survive this storm even if I have to float on Broken Pieces

I hate storms. What is the worst Storm of Nature you’ve ever experienced?  How did you react to the news that the storm was coming your way? Think about that reaction in comparison to how God wants us to survive and thrive through the storms of life. And if you think about it, really there’s not much difference between storms of nature and storms of life.  They both often catch us by surprise and attempt to destroy everything in sight. The storms in our life often keep raging. Before you can get out of one, here comes another and with each storm, it can often leave us feeling broken inside from the storms of rejection, loss, a broken heart, divorce, financially burdens- to name just a few of life’s storms.

I am a living testimony to all of the above storms however I was able to find a way of escape even on broken pieces.  (Acts 27:44)  God will allow a storm in order to get our attention, test our faith, and bring us closer to him so we can hear from him so that we don’t miss his promise for our life.

How do we prepare for the storms of life that often leave us with broken pieces?

  1. PUSH your FAITH into action
  2. Speak to your Storm…TRUST GOD in your brokenness
  3. Shift out of fear and into a Courageous Mindset

Storms will come so therefore we have to determine our action and activate our Faith which requires action during the storm. We must PUSH (Pray Until Something Happens) and believe by faith that God’s is present in the storm and that his promises are true. He will bring you out. We have to stand on the WORD and not be paralyzed by fear and all the emotions that come from the left over residue of the storm (loneliness, brokenness, fear, loss, etc.)—-broken pieces.

Mark 4: 35-41 describes a horrifying storm that came upon Jesus and the disciples on the Sea of Galilee. Jesus suggested to the disciples to cross to the other side and then he went to the back of the boat and went to sleep.  Meanwhile the horrible storm comes up without warning – high winds and waves broke over the boat causing water to fill the boat and disciples thought they were going to drown and boat would be destroyed.  They reacted as we often do when we are caught off guard with our storms. It was ironic that were so frantic considering that these seaworthy fishermen were accustomed to storms on the Sea of Galilee

We are often like the disciples during our storms of life. Fearful, Frantic and frustrated with Jesus because it seems as if he’s not present and is asleep in our situation.  And just like with the fishermen Jesus is saying to us after he has calmed our storm in his perfect timing….that he was there ALL the time.  Jesus went to sleep at the back of the boat. He was there from beginning to end. He was there all the time!!! Just like in our lives when Jesus LEADS us “through the valley of the shadow of death”, we should fear no evil, for HE IS WITH US. We too can rest in our faith during the storm and stay on the boat because Jesus is on board in the midst of it all.

Our ship has set sail, we will encounter storms, we may lose some stuff, but just as Paul stated…There is GOOD NEWS. There will be no loss of life in this storm. Praise God!

I declare that We are going to make through the storm, to our destiny, even if we have to float on broken pieces. Float on Float on Prevailing Woman your destiny is ahead.

Written by: Pam Thompson Smith


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Day 7


Blow Bubbles and Live:

When your teacher is a toddler”

There is a season, a time appointed, for everything and a time every delight and event or purpose under heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1 (AMP)

Much of our day seems to be consumed with a race to hurry. We race to dress, race to work, race to finish work, or even race to leave work. We also race to appointments and race to finish errands.  We race home then race to bed so that we can race to wake up and start the race all over again.  The “Monday Race” turns into a “Tuesday Race” quickly becoming “Wednesday’s Race”, and so on. Before you know it, days have transitioned into weeks, extending out to months, and time continues to pass us by.

Creating a moment to slow down is a must!

Time is something you can’t afford to lose track of. If you have children or when you have children, often we feel like we can miss growth stages in a twinkle of an eye.  That baby becomes a toddler, walking into childhood and then driving into those teen years. Everything is happening fast. We just don’t seem to have time to cherish each moment.

But, the Bible tells us, “There is an appointment time for everything!” Even moments for memories.

I realized the importance of moments with my persistent and incredibly fun daughter when she was 2- years-old. Layla fell in love with bubbles.  Bubbles bought her unspeakable joy. She actually learned to say the word at a very early age; Bubbles, Bubbles.  Layla constantly wanted blow bubbles and it didn’t matter the time of day, or the forecasted weather. She always wanted someone to blow bubbles with her and for a child, your schedule and agenda doesn’t really matter.  Kids know how to live in the moment.

Layla became my teacher. She helped me understand how valuable creating moments really are.

Now, blowing bubbles was not a ridiculous request. It did not cost an substantial amount of money, you do not have to make reservations and take a half-day of vacation time. Simply a small, colorful container of pure joy, and a few moments to pause and live.  That’s what I called it.  Our Bubble fest became brief moments of living. Simply happiness!  Laughing and living in the moment. We would stop and blow bubbles for 5 minutes to 10 minutes at a time. On many occasions, we would spend 15 to 20 spontaneous minutes creating memories, taking plenty of selfies, giggling and bonding.

While my daughter was grateful for the experience, I felt better for the moment. My blood pressure was lower, stress released, cares of the world on pause for just a few minutes during our “Blow Bubbles and live” time.  There is a time for every delight and event or purpose under heaven.

I learned a lot from this little cutie. Time is way too precious to lose. Sometimes you just need to pause and create a moment. Don’t be in a hurry all the time, because you can spare a few minutes to create lasting memories. And lastly, be prepared at all times, carrying your bubbles.

I think I need to, go and blow some bubbles!

It’s time to Live again!

Written by: Dr. Siti Lowery, DDS


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