Celebrate Beyond The Book With Chanel E. Martin

We are living in the times where women are stepping out on faith beyond society’s expectations and creating the life they desire! Women are not only taking risks but we are building empires! There’s nothing like establishing a business or career from the ground up and we all know these things take a village to achieve.

The Prevailing Woman had a chance to meet with the CEO of Beyond The Book, Chanel E. Martin. Chanel is a true vessel in the entrepreneur community as she has cracked the code on how to successfully brand, fund, and launch small businesses. Beyond The Book Media transforms faith-based business owners into becoming the AUTHORITY in their niche. BTBM helps brands write books in 21 days, publish non-fiction books (ROYALTY-FREE), create revenue-generating communities, and gain impact and influence for their target audiences. Not only do they help their authors through the entire creative process, they offer additional resources and courses for them to expand their knowledge and expertise as authors.

-Tell us more about the types of customers you work with and your most memorable project to date!

Beyond The Book helps brands, influencers, ministry leaders or anyone that has an expertise, write books in 7 days, self publish them and help market and brand their books. There are a variety of ways in which we do that, Facebook lives and marketing mentorship program. We help non-traditional authors, through a method I created to share their expertise on paper really quickly. We have a special bond with clients through our publishing mentorship programs. Once you sign up, we do lunch and learns, Q&A calls, bi-weekly coaching calls.

– Why did you decide to build a business like this? What day did you experience ‘This Is It!’ feeling?

I started in entrepreneurship in the beauty tech industry. I helped co-find a company, me and three other ladies from Georgia Tech (silent partner), in this experience, we went through so many trials and tribulations with this very public company and had many challenges that helped me grow in my relationship with God. I learned info about pitching and funding businesses while staying real close to Jesus. That resulted in my very first book that I wrote and this helped a lot of people fundraise and win pitch competitions. I wrote my first published book a year later about spiritual wealth and the things I’ve learned along the way. This book was written in 31 days, every morning I got up and wrote the book. People kept asking how did I write this? They wanted to learn. I was already known for being a wealth of information and did my first self publishing book class and did not have a company. I have a gift for showing people how to do things. As a result, i created my Facebook group with 5600 authors now, and started with only 100 people.

-Any advice for someone looking to publish a book but scared to take the next step?

If you are an entrepreneur or a brand, an expert in any area, you should have a BOOK. We target those who don’t really know how to write a book, and need to connect with us. We host free challenges, workbooks (write your book in seven days) tons of resources that are connected with us, we can help you at $0 cost start, NO EXCUSE. Anyone who has expertise. If you have overcome it, you can write about it. 

“You can’t do anything without faith, even if you are not religious, you have to go against your own will, step out of your comfort zone, if you’re waiting for this feeling, this never going to happen, you’ll grow in that feeling as you pursue. This is your sign, go ahead and start. I am very transparent. I got on Google, I started investing in myself. If I did not start, I wouldn’t be where I’m at. Thousands of authors would not have written their books.

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