No Ceilings With Serial Entrepreneur and Music Artist Berry Nash

There is nothing more impressive than turning your passions into a fulfilling career and life journey. What’s amazing is that, many entrepreneurs have this exact journey and continue to pursue dreams higher than their expectations. Forbes journalist Jack Martin seldom mentions “If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, emulate rappers”. This Washington native did the exact opposite.

Berry Nash’s Entrepreneurial Ventures

Berry Nash, serial entrepreneur, celebrity make-up artist and upcoming rapper took the Raleigh streets by storm for several years through her passion for fashion and entertainment. She is the owner of Berry Bomb Selfie Spot and Berry Bomb Retail in the local Triangle area. She created a brand that many trust and recommend for makeup, photography, retail and any of the beauty needs you desire.

The Berry Bomb Selfie Spot is an interactive museum located in Triangle Town Center Mall that includes photo installations for you to enjoy with the ones you love most. There are 18 unique spaces to choose from and event booking availability if you’re looking to experience something new. Berry has been in business for several years and continues to expand through the pandemic with a trusted team and returning clientele.

The road for Berry Nash is never-ending as she has no ceilings to what she can achieve. Upon launching her music career, Berry Nash used her power of influence to cultivate her own space in the rap industry with her newest freestyle “Church Hill Downs” which has already reached over 11,000 views. Her YouTube has surpassed average numbers with over 5 million views and 21,000 shares on Instagram. She is driven and continues to make an appearance during live shows when the opportunity presents itself. When she is not busy being an artist, she is in the community being a pillar to women by making them feel beautiful.

Ms. Berry Nash is a prime example of what smart investments and understanding what the ultimate goal for her career is. Her music and passion for creating a solid foundation in the community is what makes her a positive influencer. If you haven’t already, subscribe to her YouTube channel for updates and exclusive music videos on newly released music. She can also be found on Instagram where she shares her journey to being an artist and more music we can all look forward to.

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