Black Women Continue Taking Sneakers To The Next Level

Black women are the architects and innovators of style and grace. With every unique article of clothing and shoe that we own, there are compelling stories of discovery, longevity, and lineage which contribute to a diverse fashion culture. 

The sneaker head term has resonated mostly with the male community, thus making it hard for women, in the beginning, to express their sense of style through this strict stigma that only men wear sneakers. 

Upon opening the doors for women to wear sneakers, it is seldom recognized the impact that black women have on this trend. We are disruptors that revel in luxurious experiences, while honoring that our resiliency is a common thread found throughout the community. Black women in sneakers continue to leave an imprint on the world as we find the most simplistic ways to pair our sneaks with the cleanest manicure or sharpest blazer and dress. We’ve fostered partnerships and allowed our branding through social media to elevate strictly off of our style and clothes that we wear. There are no longer limitations on what women can wear and how, because of our fashion sense. 

This May, Disney released ‘Sneakerella‘, an American musical comedy film inspired by the classic fairytale Cinderella where the story takes place in Queens New York, starring a young black boy Chosen Jacobs who plays El. This fairytale shows the vibrant, unique street-sneaker culture that African-Americans have roots in.

We all have so much in common when it comes to our favorite pair of sneakers. Below, you’ll find some of the dopest women pairing their kicks with anything from dresses to blazers. The influence we have on American style and beauty is one that can not be overlooked.

Graphic Designer and Entrepreneur Tiana Glover rocking her kicks with Ivy Park apparel
Model and Entrepreneur Angelica shows off her kicks in a black tie gown
PharmD Student Kimberly rocking classics with a graphic tee
Boutique owner and Entrepreneur Demi pairing her jeans and Jordan 1’s.
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