Our Beatless Meet Up Recap

Imagine yourself in a space where you can come unwind, decompress and connect with like minded women! Everyone is required to dress in PJs with no make-up enjoying spa services, food, live entertainment and panel! The Prevailing Woman hosted our highly anticipated annual Beatless Meet Up Tour! We traveled to over 6 cities, giving women the chance to give back to themselves in a unique way.

About the event

Our first stop was Raleigh, North Carolina. The meet up also stopped in Charlotte, NC, Atlanta, GA, Hyattsville, MD and Newark, NJ. Each event presented a new opportunity from women all over to connect and enjoy time away from the responsibilities of life. 

Before entering the event, mandatory on-site COVID testing was required, as well as a negative result. It made everyone feel comfortable enough to enjoy themselves during these times. Upon testing, attendees had a chance to visit vendor stations to purchase items and sign up for the mini-spa. They also helped themselves to speciality cocktails and catered food for the evening.

Mini-spa services by BWS Massage on Demand at our New Jersey meet up

One of the many highlights of this event is the free mini-spa. The services included facials, back massages, eyebrow enhancement and so much more! Each client felt at ease with their specialist leaving the spa refreshed and ready to receive what the live panelist had to share. 

During the panel, we welcomed the guests with fireworks and music as we celebrated just being in the presence of one another. There were guest speakers who worked in healthcare, public relations, education and more. Female entrepreneurs shed light on their journeys and encouraged others who could relate. These leaders took the time to share wise words and affirmations, leaving guests feeling fulfilled and empowered.

Event panelist with Founder and CEO Sabrina Seymore

Our sponsors included Cash App, Square and Tidal. Without our team, none of this would be possible. We recommend every woman to experience something like the Beatless Meet Up. This annual event is one you don’t want to miss! Be sure to subscribe to our email newsletter and follow us @theprevailingwoman for updates and more information about events like this one!

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