Tech Talk: Breaking Into The Industry

Almost every aspect of life is becoming more and more digital by the day. The tech industry represents some of the highest paying jobs(in the six-figures) but according to a study by Pivotal Ventures, the Kapor Center, and Arizona State University’s Center for Gender Equity in Science and Technology, women of color make up four percent of the tech field. If you are looking to break into the tech industry, this info and list of resources below could help point you in the right direction.

Here are just a few jobs in tech…

Technical support, also known as help desk technicians or operations analysts provide expert troubleshooting for computer hardware.

Programmers write and test the code that makes up software programs. This might range from app development, simple computer games or complicated operating systems and database management systems.

Web Developers build the infrastructures behind beautiful websites.

Black Women Talk Tech

-Is presenting the 3rd annual Roadmap to Billions 2019 Conference.
-Created exclusively by black women founders for black female founders and their supporters.

-A conference built from the perspective of women, the goal is to showcase the brilliance of black women in tech, create a stage for their experiences, foster deep connections and create real funding opportunities.
-Attendees include investors, tech evangelists, founders who are just starting out, and those who have been in the game for years at the largest gathering of black women tech founders in the world.

Black Tech Women
-A destination for black women in the technology ecosystem worldwide.

-A growing community of 2100 members representing various locations and functions of the tech ecosystem.

-Members write about their experience at different events, thoughts on tech news, transitioning through career opportunities, and more.
People of Color in Tech (POCIT) -Highlight the stories of people of color in tech.
-Features interviews, articles jobs, and events.
-Has an amazing recruitment platform where people of color can find great jobs in tech.

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