Say Goodbye to 9 to 5: Meet Libryia Jones- The Remote Work Queen

When the pandemic forced businesses all over the world to send their employees home to work virtually, remote work had a big moment. For some of us, going back into the office may seem unrealistic as many of us have developed a love for working with a flexible schedule and control over our own lives. The list of advantages of remote work is an extensive one so we had the honor to chat with The Remote Work Queen, Libryria Jones as she has been working remotely for about 15 years and shows others how to create a work life they don’t need a break from! 

Ms. Libryia Jones is also a full time mother to a teenage daughter and is a cultivating leader to her group called Wandering Moms, where she teaches others how to land remote work. 

We’d love to know more about the benefits of remote work overall, especially for moms in pursuit of finding a balance between work and home life?

There are so many benefits of working remotely! The first is obviously the freedom to work from home or from anywhere. But people often miss other benefits like:

● Mental health improvement that comes from not having to spend every day in a toxic work environment

● Increased productivity and creativity because you get to work during your most creative and productive times instead of some regimented and prescribed time for working

For moms, especially working remotely means:

● We don’t have to choose between finances and family. We can earn money or extra money and still be with our families

● When our children are out of school we can take advantage of the ability to travel without having to take off work

● For many of us, it opens the door to being more involved at school. When I started working remotely it was so much easier to visit my daughter’s school for lunch or a few times a week to read to her class

● We don’t have to rush through our afternoons and evenings because we aren’t racing the clock to get to after-care programs on time then to practice then home for homework, dinner, bath, and bed. Overall, remote work is a lifestyle improvement for so many people and especially for moms.

What is the mission for Wandering Moms? Can you share some accolades or accomplishments that may have been prevalent to the success of this group?

Wandering Moms is a beautiful community of over 20,000 women. We offer encouragement, education, and support for women who literally want to give their children the world. We are busting myths that you can’t travel once you have children. We share information on our website, we host virtual events, and we host family and moms only trips every year.

Any advice/tips for someone looking to break into the remote work/travel industry?

First, you need to believe that it’s available to you. So many people think that remote work is for developers and tech people. Not the case! There are remote jobs out there across so many professions and industries. I always tell people that even if technology companies were the only ones hiring remote jobs (which they aren’t) they would still need non-tech people to do their finances, bookkeeping, project management, content, marketing, recruiting, HR, etc. Consider other options to work remotely. Most people think “oh I need to get a remote job” but you have lots of other options as well. You can freelance by offering your expertise as a contractor.

● You can freelance as a Project Manager, a Writer, a Proofreader, Bookkeeper, anything really.

● You can start an online business that doesn’t require you to be in a physical location

● You can also propose remote work to your existing company. Create a compelling proposal that illustrates to your employer why it’s better for them for you to work remotely including things like the fact that companies save $11,000/year on average for every remote employee and get an additional 2 hours per day of productivity from remote workers.

We’d love details on the conference in August and contact information for someone looking to be a part of all of her endeavors!

The Quit Commuting Conference in August is the Biggest Remote Work Conference for Jobs Seekers, bringing together thought leaders, career coaches, recruiters, and HR professionals in the remote workspace to connect with candidates who want to work remotely. The event is part job fair and part workshop to help prepare people to land remote jobs. There are three ticket tiers, starting with FREE! Go to to register.

I can be found across all social platforms as @LibryiaJones and via my website

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