Starting Your Biz? Learn How To Overcome Procrastination in 4 Steps

When you start to pursue your passion, it can be very fulfilling but also scary at times. It is the land of the unknown and that’s why some people tend to procrastinate getting started. Procrastination is when you delay important tasks and instead do other leisurely enjoyable things or focus on less urgent matters. If you are in a state of constant procrastination, you will end up staying in your own way and possibly never reaching your full potential. Here are a few ways to break the procrastination cycle…


Step 1
Figure Out The Why

The first step is to get to the root of why you are procrastinating. Is it fear? Is it that there is something you don’t understand in relation to staring your business? Is it financial?

Take a few days to think about it and write down what is really causing you to procrastinate.


Step 2
Re-train Your Brain & Make A Strategy

You will basically be slowly deleting your old brain programming that says “Margaret is a procrastinator” to “Margaret makes things happen.” This is not an overnight process but here are some things to try:

-Every morning look in the mirror and say “I am great at accomplishing my tasks.”

-Listen to one motivational video per day.

-Remember not to be too hard on yourself. Be forgiving of all your past procrastination. It’s ok.

-Minimize distractions. If Instagram, YouTube or Netflix is part of the problem, delete them from your phone for at least 24 hours until you have checked off two things from your list.

-Make a to-do-list that is realistic and easy to get started.

-Find an accountability partner who can check in with you (even if it’s just a text) once a week to make sure you’re on track.


Step 3
The Motivational Wall

Dedicate a large portion of a wall in your house towards your goals. This needs to be bigger than a vision board because procrastinators need extra help. Paste motivational quotes and 4 images of successful people in the field you are working towards. Then research and find out four things that made them successful and also post that to your motivational wall. Make it decorative and fun so that you enjoy looking at it.


Step 4
A Reward System
Allow yourself mini rewards for checking two things off at a time from your business to-do-list. Chocolate, a single rose, a movie night, or treating yourself to that pair of shoes you have been wanting are all great ways to keep you on track.

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