Experience Beauties With Brains Women’s Excelling In Business Event

On Saturday, March 12th, 2022, the empowerment brand Beauties With Brains hosted their 4th annual Women Excelling In Business event in Raleigh, NC and invited The Prevailing Woman to attend and experience all they had in store!

Indira Felder, Founder and CEO of Beauties With Brains brought a powerhouse of leaders in business to the RDU area to network and share their journey’s with each person in attendance. Over 50 men and women gathered as ticket holders for the experience.

The weekend started with a Welcome Party Mixer that Friday at the You Love Selfies Museum in Crabtree Valley Mall where ‘In My Bag’ and ‘Millionaires In The Making’ ticket holders had the opportunity to meet each other as well as Indi and some of the panelists. The selfie museum had beautiful, interactive backdrops and tons of accessories to step your selfie game up. The event featured a female DJ, horderves and more. It was the perfect party to set the tone for the following day. 

On Saturday, the event began and our very own Founder and CEO of The Prevailing Woman, Sabrina Seymore shared so many gems during her seat on the panel at the Breakfast portion of the event. Each attendee was required to take a COVID screening. Throughout the event, attendees got to experience the amazing decor by Lavish Impressions, the 360 camera and other amazing attractions throughout the event. The evening kicked off with a beautiful welcome speech by the panelist and introduction to the kids panel which was one to die for. 

The men in attendance had an opportunity to experience the magic that networking brings with their star studded panel including Tyler Lepley, Wallo 267, James ‘Keyz’ Foye and more. It was the perfect energy and the women enjoyed gaining insight on men in business as well. 

The women took the stage and shared their many experiences as a working professional. Some of the panelists included Latoya Evans, Claire Summers and more. We all anxiously awaited the arrival of the keynote speaker, Meagan Good, who lit up the room as soon as she entered and showed much gratitude for all the love she received that evening. 

“You gotta just jump. You have to just go for it. You know, you never know what’s on the other side. You’ll never regret trying, but you will ALWAYS regret not trying. Faith is everything. It is the thing that sustains me, gives me perspective and reminds me of who I am. The thing that tells me I’m going to win no matter what anyone thinks because God says so. It’s the baseline that I build everything on. My number one prayer is Lord, how do I make you proud of me?”

This event was one to remember. We thank the Beauties With Brains team for extending the warm invite. We look forward to more empowerment events like this one! Be sure to follow our Instagram page for exclusive behind the scenes footage and more events like this!

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