4 Ways to Really Bond on V-Day

Valentine’s Day should be a day to celebrate your love for your partner, bring you closer together, and set the tone for the year to come. You should be figuring out ways to keep your love fresh, healthy, and balanced. Here are a few ways to bond on your love day. 

#1 The Love Letter

This may sound cliché but no one writes letters anymore. Take time to handwrite one full page letter with why you appreciate them and possibly things you hope to accomplish together.

#2 A Romantic Ride

Honestly, this can be in a car, train, or bus. Just take a long ride somewhere you’ve never been before and cut off your phones so you can talk and focus on one another.

#3 Take A Love Language Quiz

Miscommunication can lead to arguments and possibly breaking up. In order to get or stay aligned find an online love quiz and print it out. Fill it out and exchange on V-day so that you can understand your partner even more.

#4 Meet Again for The First Time

This is really for people that have been together for a while. Get dressed up and meet at a bar, lounge, or party. Plan to arrive at the same time but spend the first half an hour just doing your own thing. Dance a little, mingle a little and then when it seems natural, approach your partner and introduce yourself. Act as if you have never met them. At least for that evening, play the role to spruce things up a bit. There is an article on Psychology Today where Dr. Randi Gunther, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and marriage counselor describes what Stay-in-love couples do. “Stay-in-love couples are authentic, open, and self-reliant, but they also urgently need one another at times. They trust that the other will never take advantage of that immediate availability, and that when an urgent S.O.S. call goes out, their partner will rapidly respond without question or challenge. They trust that those requests are not expressed fraudulently or without concern for the other’s needs. Stay-in-love partners understand the sanctity of personal boundaries and take pride in their own autonomy.

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