100% Female Crew led by Shonda Rhimes and Debbie Allen

If you haven’t noticed yet, 2018 is the year of [prevailing] WOMEN! Dove recently launched #AnHourWithHer, which is a self-esteem project for young girls. Along with getting the writer and producer of such hits as “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Scandal” to make ads though its Real Beauty Productions, Shonda Rhimes is playing the key role in producing Real Beauty ads this year for Dove.

Chelsea Harris is an Dove Self-Esteem Project Graduate and American actress, best known for Designated Survivor (2016), Grey’s Anatomy (2005) and NCIS (2003).

I rarely talk about the terrible bullying I went through as a teen and how it’s shaped me as a woman. I was pushed into lockers by teen boys for being “ugly”, followed and harassed by girls who’d call me “Monkey,” and once was even physically assaulted by members of my own high school cheer squad in front of our coach, who did absolutely nothing. I dealt with a crippling depression and social anxiety from those traumatic experiences. I pretended like I didn’t care and wasn’t fazed, which just made the pain fester. At 16 I was part of the Dove Self Esteem Project with @imjessweiner, where my heart began to crack open. She held my hand, inspiring me to stand up, step up and demanded I see my own greatness. THIS is why mentorship is powerful. Thank you to the incredible team at @dove, to @shondarhimes for wanting tell this story and to our brilliant director @therealdebbieallen for telling it so beautifully. Thank you @imjessweiner for being my first guiding light. Thank you @caralynrs for your trust and allowing me to hold your hand. ♥️ Click the link in my bio for the full video

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“That’s my measure of self-esteem now – how do I feel about myself, when it’s not based off of anybody else’s standards.”


Watch Chelsea and Caralyn share their story below!


Dove launched Real Beauty Productions to expand the definition of beauty by putting the power of storytelling into the hands of women and girls. So discover these inspiring stories – together we’ll show the world #RealBeauty through your eyes. Director Debbie Allen led this 100% female crew!


See more images and behind-the-scenes footage by clicking here

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