Fierce Females: An Authentic Look at What it Takes To Make It

Name: Chanita Foster

Occupation: Mompreneur

City: Originally Detroit /Live in Atlanta

Superpower: Servant Heart


I love my job because… With Total Life Changes I get to serve people and change lives. As an author I get to save souls.


My dream is to… to change the world through philanthropy


I made it this far in my career because… Consistency and determination.


My honest thoughts on balancing a love life and career are… There is no balance! (Laughs)


The last time I felt like giving up on my dreams was… Every other day! Some days you don’t want to wake up! But when you lose your WHY you lose your way! So, the Why has to get you out the bed!


The last time I cried was…Today! Everything felt like it was going wrong!


I get through my darkest moments by… playing Fred Hammond “I will Trust.” Everyone needs a theme song! Different seasons different song but you need a theme song and also prayer.


The last time I looked in the mirror for self-reflection & self-evaluation was… Every Morning! I talk to myself every day. Affirmations are important!


Self-love is important because… You have to love yourself before the world can love you,


Three things no one knows about me… I cry often. I’m super scared of bugs. I can’t sleep in complete darkness.


I feel DISAPPOINTED about the pressure women feel nowadays to look “perfect” on social media.


The best advice I ever received came from…my Grandfather Edward Ellis and it was “You aren’t always going to get what you want.”


My future goals are… to make sure girls in African countries have sanitary napkins so they don’t miss school, to write another book, make tv magic, and raise amazing children.


People with good vibes can find me at: @chanitafoster



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