Work From Home Tips For Moms

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many of us to stay at home for school and work and the real superhero’s also play mommy while doing both! 

Struggling to stay afloat while tending to your work and children full-time? We are here to tell you, you are not alone. Most than 80% of the country has resulted to telecommuting since February 2020 and may continue throughout the year as the pandemic comes to a close. 

Below is a few tips on keeping a level head while adjusting to our new normal.

  1. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF NAP TIME – The kids will get sleepy, whether you have a small child or children in school, there will be a small window of freedom during your day that we suggest you make the most out of! Finish your most urgent tasks and knock out anything that may require more focus and attention. Set a schedule according to these free moments and watch how your work day balances out. 
  2. Create a schedule – This schedule can be done weekly or daily, as we know things come up often. Having a schedule keeps your mind on the right track and will have you feeling accomplished at the end of the day! Many employers have accommodated for a flexible schedule as this pandemic has led to tons of changes and adjustments! Set an hour aside to plan your day and week!
  3. Seek extra help! – Hire a nanny or housekeeping service to assist you with everyday needs! You are now responsible for being a mom, employee, teacher and more now that we’re all at home! Getting assistance with small tasks can ultimately lead to a stress free day! Imagine not having to worry about cleaning up from the night before or entertaining the children while you’re trying to work! 
  4. Lastly, plan for mishaps and interruptions – By now, your employers understand the circumstance and should express empathy when there’s a cry out loud or a nursery rhyme playing in the background. This pandemic was unplanned, so things will happen out of our control. As long as you know this, work from home and being a mom full time won’t be as stressful! You got this mama! 
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