Why we celebrate Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month has been celebrated annually in the month of March since 1987 and serves to pay “…tribute to the generations of women whose commitment to nature and the planet have proved invaluable to society.” Like many other monthly celebrations, its origins are a celebration of Women’s History Week in 1982, which proceeded to a month-long celebration. With so many contributions from women throughout the years and with women still making strides and being “firsts” in history, it’s important to honor these accomplishments.

Many have asked why is it important to have a month devoted to women. Women should actually be celebrated all months, but the month of recognition is well deserved. The history of women should not be forgotten.

When it comes to history, the story of women is largely one of exclusion, silence, absence and bias. Women are such a large part of history, but sometimes the history books do not accurately reflect women in history. Women’s History Month is about acknowledging that no country in the world has achieved gender equality. Everyday, we witness violations of women’s rights, discrimination based on gender, and a lack of women’s representation in positions of power.

Here’s a list of things you can do to celebrate Women’s History Month:

  1. Talk to the School – Talk to your child’s teacher about Women’s History Month. Ask if there are any lessons plans in place for Women’s History Month. If not, offer to do something. You can visit websites like this for lots of ideas.
  2. Read A Book – You don’t have to plan an entire activity. Find some books (check this list) for ideas and offer to read. (March 2nd just happens to be Read Across America Day as well). Maybe you can offer to celebrate at your child’s school by reading a book to the class or read at any reading assemblies being planned. Choose a book from the above list, or any book about an amazing SheHero in history.
  3. Go on an Adventure – Do a little research and see if there are any activities near or around where you live celebrating Women’s History Month. Or see if any local museums have any exhibits or areas that have to do with women artists.
  4. Local History – Look up and research local history. Find out local history, the first woman mayor, when women first began voting in your area, local architecture and other things that may keep up with the theme of Women’s History Month.
  5. Read Books & Watch Movies – Simple yes, but visit the library and Netflix and stock up on a batch of age appropriate books and movies about women from history.
  6. Use The Internet – The Internet is a treasure trove of information about women in history, take advantage.
  7. Celebrate Your Own History – Use Women’s History month is a great excuse to take your kids to visit Grandma and listen to stories about the amazing SheHeroes in your very own family!

Via She Heroes website.


The National Women’s History Museum shared this powerful video on their instagram page and I thought you may enjoy!

Sabrina Seymore

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