Valentines Day Gift Guide for Him

The pressure of buying a unique gift for your spouse shouldn’t be a struggle. Although, buying a gift for your mister may require a more thoughtful, non-cheesy approach as women are a lot easier to please through gestures than men.

We’ve listed some creative ideas to celebrate this holiday whether you are married, in a relationship or simply spending time with someone you like! It’s important to take time to study the person and their habits to find a meaningful gift. Or reflect on an old conversation that can show you support their personal interests.

  1. Personalized items – Be the person to stamp their name or business endeavor on an item like a wallet, or a beanie hat. Not only will this be meaningful, but it can make the gift look like it costs a lot more than it did since you took the time to get it personalized.
  2. Docking station/Organizer– Is your person a work-a-holic? Maybe they just like to stay organized? Take a look and see if they have space in their room or office area for a docking station that can hold items and prevent unnecessary clutter.
  3. Cool gadgets – Amazon has a TON of cool gadgets that can be shipped before the big day (If you have PRIME). They provide a miniature indoor fireplace that sits right on the table. Wireless chargers, headphones, cocktail mixers and more gadgets can really add some luxury to your spouses life! They’ll never forget that you gifted them with something so cool and unique!
  4. Book something for them– Although many people have been planning in advance to treat their special someone on Valentine’s Day, the festivities only begin on this day! Having a nice dinner and gifting your spouse a future appointment for a facial or massage puts the cherry on top to your holiday. There are tons of sales and discounts after the big holiday that can save you a few dollars and still have the same effect on your person.
  5. INVEST – Sounds cliché, but the most sincere gifts come from your spouse wanting to see you win! Has this person been talking about exploring new ventures? Do they already have something they’ve been working on that you can contribute to? Buying an LLC or purchasing a ticket to a conference or masterclass shows your spouse that you believe in them and you think it’s important to invest in each other. Some people go the whole mile and give money for investments as a gift! Either way, this unique approach to gift giving will win the heart of your spouse in the long run.

There are so many ways to celebrate love on this holiday. Even if you are thinking of spending some time to yourself, give yourself what you would want someone to give you.

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