Uncover The Inspo For This Non-Profit Clothing Line

In a world where fashion often seems synonymous with excess and exploitation, a refreshing breeze is sweeping through the industry in the form of a non-profit clothing line. Combining style, with a heartfelt mission, Garbage Bag Boys (GBB) clothing line offers not only fashionable apparel but also tackles social and environmental challenges head-on. With every purchase, customers contribute to a cause greater than themselves, supporting initiatives aimed at empowering underprivileged communities, promoting sustainability, and fostering positive

The inspiring story behind this remarkable non-profit clothing line comes from two creatives, Omar Shair and Kortni Geter, who gave us some insight on how they discovered fashion can truly make a difference in the world.

  1. Can you tell us the inspiration behind the new clothing line and the origin of the name?
    Garbage Bag Boys stands for every hustler female or male. The name came from seeing a lot of people in my family and community start their own businesses. The garbage symbolizes getting money. The word hustle means a go-getter. This is for anyone who had to make it out of the struggle and start a business.
  2. What target audience or demographic does the brand cater to?
    We are urban street wear but disclose to anyone who wears our clothing. We capitalize on humble beginnings and underprivileged communities.
  3. Can you walk us through your design process from conceptualization to finish?
    Creating a clothing line can be a long and challenging process, but with hard work and dedication, it can also be incredibly rewarding. When we started Garbage Bag Boys we had to develop our Brand. Before you start designing clothes, we wanted a brand that was aesthetically pleasing. Next, we conducted market research because It’s important to understand the market you’re entering and what your competitors are doing. The best part and
    most creative part was designing our clothes we created prototypes. Lastly, we launched our line.
  4. Share some advice for our youth to motivate them to pursue high achievements and reach their goals.
    Don’t sell yourself short, always continue to learn and keep a positive outlook, do not misappropriate drugs, and make something out of yourself.
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