Transforming The Face of Tech for Black Women

Forbes 30 under 30, mastered Silicon Valley, launched her app PartPic, was invited by President Obama to the White House, sold her tech company to AMAZON…and that’s just the beginning of how Jewel Burks Solomon is changing the game and changing the face of tech for black women.

As a woman and a black woman in tech, Jewel’s presence represented something so much greater than her. So, I had to ask,

‘How did you navigate in conversations and meetings as a woman in a male dominated space?’

‘Were there times when you thought you couldn’t do this?’

And regardless of what industry or business you’re building, Jewel’s advice for you is:

  • Get over yourself. You have to first get over the mental hurdles. Stop listening to the voice telling you that you can’t, I’m not smart enough, or I don’t have the right background.
  • Decide that you are going to do it and do it! It’s really just a decision to get started and do it.
  • Learn what you need to learn and find others to help you fill in the gap. Recognize your strengths and partner with people to make up for your weaknesses.

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