Fitness Goals Bingo


Check out the fitness goals bingo challenge and download your starter kit once you complete your purchase!

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The Prevailing Woman is committed to helping you grow and we believe that great physical health is most important in order to tackle all aspects of your life. Because of this we have created the Prevailing Fit Woman which focuses on health/wellness programs, blog posts, events, products, and apparel. Check out the fitness goals bingo challenge and download your starter kit once you complete your purchase!

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  1. Tandria Cooper (verified owner)

    I really loved this challenge!! I feel like although we weren’t together we still helped hold each other accountable by completing the tasks and posting, joking the love workouts etc. The meal plan was ROUGH lol but also a huge eye opener which which showed me what eating the right foods can do for your body! Great job on the challenge everyone!!

  2. Janay Stuart (verified owner)

    I absolutely loved fitness bingo it was filled with great workouts, a meal plan(definitely not for the weak LOL LOL) and LOTS of supportive women keeping each other accountable. I would recommend and will be signing up for the next one!!!

  3. LaShawnda Jones (verified owner)

    This challenged pushed me out my comfort zone! I did not finish because of life however, it was awesome to be involved with like minded individuals and I look forward to the next one!

  4. Heather Witherspoon (verified owner)

    This challange is just what I needef to get myself together. I literally had just buried my father and had been eating my emotions. I said Heather put down the mac and cheese and get to work. This community support was the hug I needed daily. The experts in nutrition and exercise were all phenomenal and Sabrina was an amazing Coach. Thank you for creating this space for us to get moving!

  5. Erica Hackett (verified owner)

    This challenge was great! There were so many moving parts but everything was meshed together well. Meal plan, 60 min of cardio, andddd bingo challenge! The meal plan was easy to follow but a challenge to follow. If I had a question it was answered quickly and fully. There were just enough encouraging emails/ texts send. I felt like the creators were always reachable. At the end of the challenge I feel lighter and more disciplined!

  6. LaTasha Gibbs (verified owner)

    I enjoyed this challenge! It kept me motivated and accountable. I like that there were trainers, meal guide, and the access to watch the pre-recorded workout sessions. This was by far one of my favorite challenges that I participated in. Looking forward to the next.

  7. Brittney Howard (verified owner)

    I throughly enjoyed myself during this challenge. I started my journey in January and this was a great way to stay the course. Everyday I was held accountable to get some type of movement in. I use to take the weekend off but this kept me going every day of the week. The instructors that lead the classes were amazing! I had never tried kickboxing until this challenge! I was able to lose 10 pounds and had lots of fun during this boring pandemic! Thanks to the organizers and team for creating this! Until next time.

  8. Aisha Brown (verified owner)

    I had to repost because I thought I clicked 5 stars and it only showed up as 4. This whole experience was definitely 5 stars!!! I absolutely loved this fitness challenge. I loved the calendar with each event breakdown for the month. I loved the workouts with different instructors. I loved the routine meal prep plan that kept me on track. I loved all the txt reminders and emails to keep me motivated for each day. I can’t wait for the challenge in May!!!

  9. monica pierce (verified owner)

    I participate in fitness challenges often for motivation and to keep me on track. This by far was one of the best challenges and one that I was most successful in. It kept me engaged and the other women were encouraging and motivated me to stay on track with their daily IG bingo board posts. The meal plan was hard but worth it and the workouts.. wheh!! Calorie burners!! I loved the zoom calls and check ins and the prevailingfit team was very responsive. I lost 11lbs and plan to keep going. I am so glad I joined and cant wait till the next round!!!

  10. Minerva Mims (verified owner)

    I have participated in all of the Prevailing woman fitness bingo challenges and must say this last one truly took it up a notch! The nutrition, live workouts, motivational and reminder text messages, and overall accountability were amazing!!! I truly enjoyed everything about the challenge and look forward to participating in future challenges! Thank you Sabrina and The Prevailing Fit Woman!

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