Beatless Meetup Tour Tickets


$65 Non Refundable Ticket

  • Mini Spa Services, Complimentary Cocktails and Food
  • Panel Discussion
  • Live Entertainment
  • Virtual Photo Booth
  • Vendors
  • Networking Opportunities
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Beatless Meetups is an event designed to allow women to destress and spend an uninterrupted time with like-minded women.

Pajamas, fresh/natural faces, cocktails, facials, photo booth, music and  a panel discussion will still take place!

  1. Nina D

    As a single mother of four, full time employee, owner of two business in one, and managing all four of my kids businesses this is much needed. I’m so busy running around with my head cut off I sometimes don’t have the time to comb my hair. This event come at the right time. Also a wonderful way to end my Birthday month. I’m so looking forward to this event.

    • Sabrina Seymore

      We are so happy to hear you will be attending and this event is serving it’s purpose–to serve as a moment for like-minded women to destress. We look forward to meeting you!

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