Natural Sheen: The Hair Benefits of Rhassoul Clay

It’s no secret that beauty is big business. According to, in 2016, the U.S. was considered the most valuable beauty and personal care market in the world, generating approximately 84 billion U.S. dollars in revenue that year. There are hundreds of thousands of hair products and they all basically promise the same thing—healthy, shiny, voluminous hair. But sometimes to get amazing results we need to take things back to mother nature and allow her to do the real hair healing.

Mined from the Moroccan Atlas Mountains, Rhassoul (also knowns as red clay) is a reddish clay that is rich in silica, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. It benefits the hair because of its makeup and the way its formed. A natural geothermal process and volcanic activity create a clay that not only has a high negative charge but also an absorption rate that allows the clay to absorb toxins, chemicals, and excess oil from the scalp and hair. It works like a detox for the hair and scalp without leaving it dry in the end. In fact, it also has a natural emollient effect so it can leave your hair shiny and hydrated.

Magnesium can help dissolve calcium ions that block hair follicles. They help regulate calcium imbalances.

Silica is one of the key ingredients in collagen creation and collagen is the building block of hair, skin, and nails.

Calcium is a vital part of our whole-body wellness. If you have a calcium deficiency, your body will basically draw what it’s missing from other parts of the body which could lead to hair loss.

You can buy it infused in a hair product or as the clay powder itself. Buying the clay powder allows you to use it in your hair and as a face mask.

Carol’s Daughter Rhassoul Clay Softening Hair Mask $14.00
(Main ingredients: Moroccan Rhassoul Clay, Aloe Juice, Cactus Flower) 

Rhassoul Clay Powder $12.00

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