I made Lemonade with Lemons..

I was in my last year of college, and I was pregnant with twins! Yes, twins… 1 boy and 1 girl. I gave birth during final exam season. Needless to say I had to take a semester off to become familiar with my new lifestyle. I was so determined to complete my degree, I started school back the following semester. I was juggling a full schedule, a internship, and 2 babies. Reality didn’t set in until i hard wake up call hit me and my youngest twin was diagnosed with epilepsy. My daughter Layla, was suffering from seizures at her first month of life.

My family and I spent countless nights at children’s hospital trying to find a solution. Experiencing my daughter illness was definitely the hardest thing I had to endure. As time went on, her doctors prescribed numerous medications and we would eventually be sent home with no clear answers as to what causes her epilepsy. Time went on, and I ended up graduating college. I was very traditional in my thinking, and I assumed that since I had a degree, I would not have a problem finding a career of my choice. Well.. I didn’t have a problem finding a career, however I did have a problem maintaining a career. My daughter condition was more demanding than I expected, and she required more care around the clock. Her condition would not allow her to have the normal setting that most kids have.

I knew at that moment, that I could not work a “traditional” job. I begin to work on a business plan, (while working on my masters degree) and I was also planning my twins first birthday party. I wanted my kids party to be spectacular, and I could not find the things that I was looking for in my area. I begin to research party ideas,  and I practiced different design techniques. Soon after, I knew that I wanted to create a event design company, I also knew that I wanted to specialize in kids parties event design. Many people believe that you shouldn’t go “all out” or in some cases “all in” for kids parties. Well I believe you should celebrate life, which is the slogan for my company, Birthday Sugar: Party Designers .

My kids are my biggest inspiration for my business, and I love sharing my inspiration with each of my clients. In 2016, Birthday Sugar, expanded to event design and party rentals, we are now the largest supplier of luxury party rentals in Alabama and Georgia. We have created three subsidiary companies, and we asleep have a internship program to recruit future business owners and, or industry professionals. It feels good to know that despite the obstacles me and my family faced, we beat the odds, and I know

I have a foundation to leave to my kids, as well as my kids, kids! I took the lemons and made lemonade, and I added extra “sugar”!


Written By:

Angela Thomas

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