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Getting ready for the best days ahead of you require a narrow focus on your health and wellness. Over the counter remedies are a thing of the past and new innovative ways have emerged to keep us all on top of our physical health.

The Prevailing Woman sat down with the CEO of Drip MB Hydration and Wellness Micah Barbee, whose mission is to provide services to restore and replenish the nutrients many of our bodies lack on a daily basis. Micah has been a registered nurse for 6 years working with babies in the NICU to the Geriatric population on medical surgical units.

“I love the diversity we have in the field of nursing. In 2020 I think we all can agree it was a rough year for a lot of us, the pandemic took a toll on my personal life and professional life as a bedside nurse. I wanted to pour my love and passion for helping others into my own project. So, I thought to give nurse entrepreneurship a try, and I love it here!”

– How Does IV Hydration Work?

This unique treatment administers vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants directly into our bloodstream. This route of administration allows for the body to absorb close to 100% of the nutrients, whereas oral intake (food or supplements) absorbs as little as 10-50% depending on the health of an individual’s digestive tract.

Receiving these vital nutrients intravenously bypasses the liver and gut, providing our cells exactly with what they need. This does not substitute oral intake of fluids or foods containing various nutrients. This treatment is for restoration and replenishment of nutrients and fluids that most healthy individuals may lack on a daily basis.

Many people are under the impression that the IV needles stays in your arm during the process when really it’s removed instantly and a plastic straw stays in place. The bag of fluids and vitamins takes about 30-45 mins to infuse. Most people feel rejuvenated or their symptoms are relieved almost  immediately-24hours after their infusion.

– What Are Some Myths You’ve Heard That Are Not True About The Drip? 

There are always myths associated with innovative medicine and holistic health. However, IV hydration has been around for decades, starting with Dr. John Myers back in the 1980s who discovered the Myer’s Cocktail which helps to restore our depleted cells in various health conditions. Over time this has become popular amongst many celebrities helping to replenish electrolytes and minerals after over “indulging”. More practitioners have discovered that with certain vitamin combinations we can achieve far more with our health and wellness goals. This business has gained more and more attention in the last few years with not just celebrities but  everyday working people.

“Our first six month of business has been absolutely amazing! Each month we are continuously growing our brand, from adding new team members to new services. It has been hard work and many lesson’s learned in the business industry. The transition from being a bedside nurse to being a Nurse Entrepreneur is not for the weak! When you are passionate about what you do and you feel like you are so close to achieving a certain goal, you don’t want to stop until you’ve accomplish the sometimes the tiniest task to get there. When I get in those modes, I don’t eat, I don’t drink, I don’t sleep and I miss out on self-care. I have to constantly remind myself you have to make time for breaks just like you would working a 9-5 because when you don’t, you miss out on yourself, your family and all that ultimately this effects your business. So most importantly my advice is to take care of yourself and your business will take care of you.”

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