Feeling Overworked And Underpaid?

Most working adults reach a point in their careers where burnout seems like the new normal. Feeling “overworked” can be related to the physical and mental labor of your job responsibilities. This distress has a negative impact on your mental health and we want to remind you that this feeling is not required in order to be successful. 

Does this mean being compensated more will overshadow the endless feeling of being overworked? Absolutely not, but it helps in some instances when you’ve reached a breaking point but tomorrow is payday. 

Insomnia, physical exhaustion and depression are just some of the consequences overworking has to offer. Never having a break or feeling guilty for taking a vacation are also huge indications that you’re on edge of being overworked. Being taken advantage of in the workplace or by clients (if you’re an entrepreneur) is the first sign that you may need to develop a dynamic relationship with your boss. If you’re feeling the need to effectively communicate these issues but don’t know where to start, take a look at some tips on how to get yourself out of this never ending rabbit hole : 

Negotiate salary – No matter how long you’ve been with a company, your workload and expertise should be a direct reflection in your compensation. Send an email or bring up the topic during a performance evaluation. This is the best time simply because it’s easier to evaluate your role and tasks for a fair conversation.

Ask for help – If your assignments seem to have unrealistic goals, mention the idea of delegating tasks to different team members. It never hurts to ask for help. 

Create a case- Speaking up is not an easy thing to do and may require some planning beforehand. While you work through your job responsibilities, jot down a list of goals you’ve exceeded and how it was a positive contribution to the company. Do research on how to present a case to your manager about a possible pay raise.

All in all, speak up. Your concerns will only fester into exhaustion if you don’t choose to have a voice. We spend majority of our time in the workplace, so we deserve an environment that values our efforts.

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