Exploring The ‘Dream Internship’ With Kortni Geter

Internships are more than making copies and grabbing coffee for the employees you aspire to work with. An internship is meant to be an experience for both the intern and the organization. The Prevailing Woman got a chance to chat with Kortni Geter, entrepreneur, publicist and founder of The Dream Internship where she gave us some insight about her organization and the biggest benefit to having an internship on your resume. 

Originally from Harlem, NYC, Kortni has been in the media industry since a young woman. For the majority of her life, she resides in Raleigh, NC and offers tons of resources and insight on making it in the media industry. “It started in highschool when I launched a blog called Teen Chop to inform teens how to manage life. In 2018 during my college years, I started working for big companies and realized that I could do public relations for my own company. I launched Kortni and Company and the rest was history. While working within my brand I got to partner with celebrities and entrepreneurs like Cyn Santana, Yandy Smith and other great publications like this one.”

Internships provide hands-on experience, mentorship and career focus. Kortni is the founder of Dream Internship, where she states the “ideal Dream internship member looks like someone who is hungry for success and a leader inside and outside of their community.”

What advice do you have for someone looking to apply and become a part of your non profit organization?

For anyone who is looking to apply and be considered for an intern position, the biggest piece is making sure you stand apart because this is a field where it is hard to get into. Don’t lose yourself trying to keep up with everyone else, stay your course and things will happen. I remember I made an interview video where I talked about myself and the creative video I sent out to thousands of agencies. I have tons of resources for anyone who wants to be apart just email me and I will get back to you. Applications open December 2021!

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