Media Policies and Credentialing Guidelines

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A “media agency” for purposes of these criteria shall mean a daily or weekly publication, cable system, radio station, television station or television network, or online entity requiring immediate news coverage. More than one representative per “media agency” may be authorized by the media coordinator. Subject to limitations of space, credentials at all sites should be assigned as follows:


  • A representative of a national newspaper (e.g. with circulation greater than 60,000).
  • A media agency in the geographic area of the host city.
  • The designated representative of a national television, cable system, radio network or a radio station that originates a daily “lifestyle or women’s interest talk” program and daily circulation newspapers that do not otherwise meet the aforementioned criteria.




Subject to limitations of space, photography credentials shall be assigned as follows:


  • A photographer from a media outlet that covers the women’s interest or lifestyle consistently on a national basis.
  • A photographer from a media agency in the geographic area of the host city.
  • A newspaper photographer from the locale of a participating speaker/panelist.




Subject to limitations of space, television credentials shall be assigned as follows:


  • An individual or crew designated by a national television network or cable system that originates women’s interest or lifestyle news programs.
  • An individual or crew from a television affiliate in the geographic area of the host city.




Subject to limitations of space, credentials for online entities shall be assigned as follows:


  • An online entity may receive a credential only if its own staff writes a significant percentage of that site’s material.
  • The website is regularly credentialed and covers women’s interest or lifestyle events on a consistent basis.




Credentials will not be issued to persons solely for the purpose of writing or gathering material for books, movies or documentaries.




Each individual (“Bearer”) using this credential for access to any events related to Prevailing Woman magazine including, without limitation a conference, interview, or other activity associated with such Prevailing Woman event (the “Event”), on behalf of his or her employer or assigning news organization (“Employer”), agrees to the following:




  • Each Bearer must be and hereby represents that he or she is acting on a specific assignment for an accredited media agency and has a legitimate working function in conjunction with the Event attended. The credential is not transferable and may be revoked at any time with or without cause.
  • The rights and privileges granted to Bearer shall automatically terminate if any term of this credential shall be breached. The unauthorized use of this credential subjects the Bearer and his or her Employer to ejection from the facility and prosecution for criminal trespass, without limiting any other rights and remedies at law or in equity.
  • Bearer shall display the issued credentials at all times and consents to the reasonable inspection of his or her person and property before entering the venue and/or during an Event. While within the venue, Bearer shall, at all times, adhere to the policies in place for the Event, as well as access limitations, and direction provided by The Prevailing Woman staff and its designated agents.
  • Bearer assumes all risks incidental to the performance by the Bearer of Bearer’s services in connection with the Event and assumes all risks incidental to the Event, whether occurring before, during or after the actual execution of the Event, and agrees that The Prevailing Woman and its respective employees, directors, and contractors shall not be liable for injuries or loss of personal property or equipment connection therewith.
  • Bearer further agrees to release The Prevailing Woman and all persons involved in the management or production of the event from any claim or liability arising from failure to provide space for telecasting/broadcasting or other facilities for the television/radio station, Internet media, network, cable system, or other media entity.
  • In the event that the name or likeness of the Bearer is included in any broadcast, telecast, photograph, film, video or other media taken in connection with the Event, the Bearer grants The Prevailing Woman the nonexclusive, transferable, perpetual right and license to use (and to sublicense the use of) such name and likeness in any media worldwide whether now known or thereafter 500 secretion if deems that Bearer is producing a real-time description of the event.
  • Bearer agrees to indemnify The Prevailing Woman and save harmless The Prevailing Woman, its staff, agents, contractors, and employees of and from any and all claims, demands, causes of actions, liabilities, damages and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) arising out of anything done or purported to have been done by Bearer or his/her Employer, including but not limited to Bearer’s breach of any term of the credential. With respect to any claim that might give rise to liability of the Bearer as an indemnitee, The Prevailing Woman shall: (a) have the right to fully participate in the litigation of such claim with counsel selected by Bearer and approved by The Prevailing Woman at the sole expense of the Bearer; and (b) not be obligated, without their consent, to participate in any settlement of such claim.




  • The use of any account, description, picture, photograph, video, audio, reproduction, or other information concerning the Event other than for news coverage of, or magazines, books or stories about the Event is prohibited, except (a) with the prior written consent of The Prevailing Woman or its designee or (b) as specifically licensed herein. Nothing in these terms and conditions authorizes or allows Bearer to violate any of The Prevailing Woman trademarks, copyright and other proprietary rights.
  • If video and/or audio of the Event is distributed by a Prevailing Woman rights-holder, Bearer may only utilize the network feed provided by The Prevailing Woman or its designee and Bearer may not alter the feed in any manner without prior approval of The Prevailing Woman (e.g., removing network graphics or bugs/logos). If the Event is not distributed by a Prevailing Woman rights-holder, Bearer may produce its own video and/or audio highlights from the Event pursuant to such conditions and in such area as designated by The Prevailing Woman.
  • The Prevailing Woman is the owner of trademarks, copyrights, and other proprietary rights in the Event and in and any telecast, broadcast, transmission or recording thereof, and no rights are conferred to, or intended to be conferred to, or created on behalf of, Bearer or his or her Employer. Conference and magazine name, logo, and other intellectual property of the magazine, is controlled by The Prevailing Woman. The conference name and magazine name may be used for news purposes directly related to their participation in the Event.
  • The credential confers on Bearer a limited, nonexclusive and nontransferable license to take photographs of the Event, and to allow the entity that engaged the Bearer to take the photographs to use such photographs, only for news coverage of, or magazines, or stories about, the Event, other editorial purposes, and reprints of news pages from such entity’s publications, provided that such use is not likely to create, or does not actually create confusion in the minds of the trade or public that Bearer or its reprints or any elements therein, or the items on which they are reprinted, are sponsored or endorsed by, or are associated or affiliated with The Prevailing Woman or that The Prevailing Woman licensed Bearer to use their trademarks or copyrights. Neither the Bearer nor the entity that engaged the Bearer may sell photos taken at the Event to third-party entities including but not limited to other commercial entities or the general public.
  • In exchange for the access granted by the credential, The Prevailing Woman shall have the right to purchase prints of any published photographs taken by the Bearer in connection with the credential, at the best financial terms offered to third parties, and such The Prevailing Woman shall be licensed at no additional charge to use the photographs for news coverage purposes only. The Prevailing Woman may not distribute reproductions of the photographs to others or license others to reproduce the photographs.
  • Any secondary use of any picture, audio description, videotape/film or drawing of the Event taken or made by the accredited organization or individual to whom this credential has been issued (including, but not limited to, non-editorial, advertising, sales promotion or merchandising) is prohibited without prior specific written approval of The Prevailing Woman or its designee. Radio stations that have not purchased rights shall not carry any broadcast report from the Event on a live basis or any live description of any event executions while it is still in progress.




Approved organizations may distribute video content of The Prevailing Woman sanctioned events per the following criteria:


  • A maximum of 5-minutes per day per event (1 day = 1 event), which includes postings on the accredited organization’s or credential bearer’s social media accounts.
  • Appears in an editorial context only (no sponsorship, merchandising, or advertising integrated with or around the content; including digital advertising).
  • May not be posted or streamed live


The 5-minute limit does not include:


  • Video material that is comprised entirely of a credentialed media employee providing commentary or analysis (“Talking Head” reporting), including pre- or post-event stand-up material.
  • One-on-one approved interviews or The Prevailing Woman organized post-event interviews.