Before You Go Under The Knife, Try The Ice!

Everyone has parts of their body they’d like to improve. Have you been working hard to keep yourself in shape, but get frustrated when you discover unwanted flab that you just can’t remove? Safe, body sculpting procedures have been the new go-to for those who desire to be in the best shape without going under the knife! The Prevailing Woman got a chance to chat with the first black woman to create and manufacture body sculpting ice! 

Cora Christian, founder and CEO of Beyond Beauty, hails from Mississippi where she runs a successful beauty spa and she is passionate about making women feel good about their bodies in the safest way! As a body transformation specialist, Cora advocates for non-invasive procedures that can actually save women’s lives. 

“I’ve been sculpting for 8 years and continued to learn different things from the clinic I worked in prior to starting my business! I said to myself ‘I can do this by myself’. We all know the reason for having something invasive done. I wanted to create a product to get lipo results but with the ice. Cool sculpting is a detox product and works through thermogenesis, which is heat generated and melts fat cells and you’re able to burn more calories. Similar to a lymphatic massage when you have actual surgery but noninvasive – not cutting you or putting you to sleep!”

The handmade Body Sculpting ice is a non-invasive procedure and a thermogenic activation that breaks down fat and burns extra calories. She also creates and ships these products to other entrepreneurs and beauty specialists! “This product has helped and created a bunch of 6 figure business women. We have created two millionaires, in LA and Miami. My students tell me that the ice has brought more revenue into their business. I wanted to do something in my spa to get my clients better results, it wasn’t intended to be a training type of thing or product that people can use. I decided to share it with different people who wanted in.”

What is a day in the life of a spa visionary like yourself?

“Everyday, I have to ship these products to 330 people around the world, every day we have orders. I get up and head to the warehouse and I take them to the post office myself (to secure myself, I know when it was shipped). I work in my business as well, around 11am. I start with my clients and after that I’m a mom, a wife and that’s going through all this. Orders are being placed and im never on vacation. 

What advice would you give to someone looking to enter an industry like this?

“I would like to tell readers if someone wants to get into this business or any business (spa world) I like to tell people to stay focused and don’t lose yourself. You can lose yourself in this beauty industry. You turn around and get it and it doesn’t work for you because it wasn’t for you in the first place. Focus on yourself and keep your eyes on your own paper. I focus on me and what I have going on.”

If you are in the Jackson, Mississippi area and would like more information on body sculpting, you can reach out to Cora Christian or the business by email [email protected]m or call 6013164729 or visit to book appointments! Also, be sure to grab your ticket to Mississippi’s 1st Beauty and Body Expo July 24th, 2021. “We have amazing women in our area that don’t get seen and I wanted to showcase their talent and stuff they didn’t know about. Massage therapists, facials, we have cool vendors from different backgrounds (Pop up shop with a Beauty Con feel) Jonathan Wright will be there, I love his story and wanted him to be there and share some insight to people who are trying to break into the entertainment world.”

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