Meet Alex Jackson – Media Girls LA Founder

Almost a year into the pandemic, influencers and brands have shifted their way of communicating and focused more on brand value than products. The economy experienced a drastic change, but for Alex Jackson, this was motivation to shift into full gear.

Alex Jackson is the owner of Media Girls LA, an influencer and content creator based marketing company geared toward influencers of colors and building brand relationships. Currently, Jackson’s list of influencers include names such as Master P, Romeo Miller, Miracle Watts, Mehgan James and more. 

Jackson has always been good at negotiating and creating strategic concepts to obtain sponsorships. “In college, I attended the University of Arkansas and we held a Black Girls Rock award show concept at school. We gathered women at the school who had different talents and created nominations. It’s funny because I went to school for Criminal Justice but somehow found my way into this business. I came up with a pitch for local businesses to help fund the award show since we were a small town, they wanted to get involved. After a while I learned how to pitch myself”

As Jackson’s flow of brand deals started to come in more regularly, she began to take a closer look at her own social media more seriously as it related to taking pictures, editing, angles, consistency, engagement and more. From there, she started to obtain brand deals for herself pretty effortlessly which also created her a consistent flow of monthly deals. During this process, Jackson learned that her caucasion counterparts were paid significantly higher than black influencers. After discovering this, Jackson made it her mission to focus on working with influencers of color and getting them the money they deserve.

What advice stuck with you throughout your career?

“Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. Social media only highlights the good but during my journey I tell people if you can’t wake up with $0 in your bank account and still want to work for yourself, entrepreneurship is not for you. I lived a very different life before moving to LA, it was a huge adjustment just like being an entrepreneur. If this is something you really want, you need to go after it. No matter how many no’s you can get, one yes that will make a difference. If it is not your passion, you will want to give up on it. You can’t be lazy. If you don’t work, you don’t eat.”

Why is focusing on influencers of color so important?

“Another reason I started to build my roster,I focused on black content creators and influencers. During the time I started recruiting, I talked with people that run branding businesses for themselves and they would share how much people were getting paid, and the white influencers were getting paid significantly higher. I made it my mission to focus on people that look like me because I knew they weren’t getting the fair amount. I want them to have an equal playing field and the money they deserve”

Alex has an eBook coming out next month that will teach people how to make a bag from Instagram and social media. “It’s so much money to be made. There’s different levels for different people. People make money no matter how many followers despite the stigma.”

She also owns a T-shirt brand called @StatementTees_ geared towards Christians and people that look like us. “We give a percentage of proceeds to organizations for social justice.” Follow Ms. Jackson at Instagram: @alexthatmediagurl and visit her website for more information!

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