4 Ways To Shop Smart on Black Friday

For serious bargain hunters, Black Friday can be one of the most important days out of the year. However, when it’s time to actually go out and get that sought after merchandise, it can be absolutely crazy. There have been stories over the years of extreme violence that includes pushing, shoving, hitting, and a few people even died from the chaos. Needless to say, this is why some people opt to stay home.  Just remember to shop smart this year because retailers are savvy enough to take advantage of your weaknesses during the holiday season. But if you really need to shop on Black Friday Target has come up with a solution to help calm some of the chaos with their “Skip The Line” checkout.

According to their press release the new mobile checkout is now available at all Target stores nationwide, offering guests an even more convenient experience when shopping at Target. Using specially-equipped handheld devices, Target team members simply scan any item in a guest’s basket or shopping cart and accept payment by credit card on the spot from anywhere in the store. During peak events like Black Friday, team members will be located in the busiest areas of the store, such as Electronics. This checkout technology is the latest feature built by Target’s technology team to make shopping easier for guests.
Here are some Black Friday Tips that could make your experience efficient and safe…

Step #1 Health First
Make sure you drink an adequate amount of water and eat a nourishing meal to give you the energy you will need to spend hours shopping in an environment that will probably be hot or warm from all of the body heat.

Step #2 Mapping Ahead
A few days before, visit your targeted store and write down exactly what aisle or area the merchandise is in that you want to buy. This will help avoid confusion in the large crowds. And dress appropriately to wait in the long lines outside in the wee hours of the morning. Remember layers are great and can be taken off once in the store and purchasing the hand warmers that can go in your pocket is a great idea too.

Step #3 Leave Your Kids at Home
Now that it’s proven Black Friday can be dangerous, the best place for your little one is at home. Plus, dragging them out at 4 or 5am to wait in the cold in a long line for shopping could also get them sick. They could also be overwhelmed and scared by the large crowd and sometimes kids get lost. It may be best to leave your child with a trusted family member, friend, or babysitter.

Step #4 Secure Your Cash
Unfortunately during the holiday season thieves look for clever ways to catch you off guard. Instead of a backpack or a purse, wear a cross body bag or a fanny pack or anything that stays wrapped around you and in front of you. If you only have a wallet, put it in a front jacket pocket that has a zipper enclosure and never turn your head away (not even for one second) from something you have already purchased. If someone takes it, it will be extra hard to figure out who the thief is in a crowd.

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