4 Ways to Breakup Workplace Monotony

6am you wake up. 7am you drive to work. 8am you chat with a co-worker over your morning brew. Then, you prepare reports, answer emails, check in with your boss around 1pm and prepare more reports. You’re out of the office at 6pm. Then comes dinner, prepping for the next day, your favorite Netflix show and off to bed to do it all again. If you work a 9 to 5 it may eventually start to feel monotonous. The key to preventing an almost robotic feeling is to use a little creative thinking to add a bit of change into everyday job tasks so that you can still feel motivated to come to work. According to Careerbuilder.com 61% of employees are burned out on the job. If you are at this point (and don’t plan on finding a new job) here are a few ways to break up your workplace monotony.

IDEA #1 

Cubicle Harmony

Stay out of all workplace drama or confusion. Instead, tell your co-worker a funny joke, put up inspirational quotes, buy a beautiful plant, and have low relaxing music playing in the background to help create a more harmonious and visually pleasing workspace.


Learn A New Skill

Ask your boss if you can take an online professional development workshop once a week during work hours to boost your skills. Make sure you write it out and explain how it could benefit you and the company. You will learn something new and can even add it to your resume.


Change Meeting Locations

If you meet once a week in the same room all year, find out if you can switch the location to a terrace if the weather permits or a coffee shop (this will work better for small companies). 


Become a Mentor

Sharing your knowledge with a younger person on your same path can be a rewarding experience. You could also see if it’s ok for this mentee to visit your office to observe your work day. After your boss approves, contact the guidance counselors at your local colleges and high schools to find students. 

IDEA #5 

Workplace Wellness

Find out if your company offers meditation or yoga, or any wellness workshops you can participate in right after work. If they don’t offer it, research a few and suggest it. Meditation and yoga have both been proven to reduce stress levels and the calmer you are, the easier it is to handle ups and downs at work.



If your company has its own charity or hosts events in the community, try and join that committee. It will add a little change to your routine and can make you feel good knowing you are paying it forward by helping someone.

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